Important notice:

All submitted papers must fulfill the European Proceedings of Educational Sciences (EpES) requirements for editing. Please find further details on editing requirements, as well as guidelines on completing your paper, in the documents provided bellow.


Download here the 2022 European Proceedings of Educational Sciences (EpES) Paper Template

Download here the 2022 EP-Manuscript_Submission_Manual (EpES)

Download here the EpSBS Authors Copyright Form


Main requirements for the papers:

  • Papers are written in A+ English 
  • Good originality level (papers that were not previously published)
  • The word limit is 5000 words
  • Title of the paper = max 12 words
  • Abstract = min 150 but max 250 words
  • Reference list complies with APA 7 requirements and contains a complete inventory of references used in the full text.


Any paper that does not comply to the mentioned requirements will be rejected.

The fulltext papers will be uploaded from the account that every participant created when registered for the conference

The Conference organizers accept the following types of papers:

  • Studies and researches,
  • Theoretical/innovative approaches

The papers should strictly respect the  following structure:

  1. Introduction,
  2. Problem Statement,
  3. Research Questions,
  4. Purpose of the Study,
  5. Research Methods,
  6. Findings,
  7. Conclusion,
  8. Acknowledgments (if any),
  9. References.